Choosing the Right Color for Your Kitchen

The desire for change? Find out how to choose the right color for your kitchen according to your style.

When working on a renovation project, we first study the right location to fit out our kitchen according to our uses and the constraints of the room. But usually, the most fun part comes down to the choice of kitchen countertops materials and colors. Nevertheless, these decisions are not insignificant because they strongly impact the atmosphere that emanates from the room. It is therefore advisable to take your time to choose the right shade and the assortments that will satisfy you.

Choose a sober color for your kitchen Decoration

sober color

As we have been adopting our kitchen furniture and worktop for generally more than 10 years, I recommend that you choose a rather neutral base. You can then have fun bringing in the desired color through accessories, decoration, small appliances, or even the wall splashback. It will be easier to change it if your tastes have evolved.

White remains the color most often selected. It is particularly bright and therefore suitable for small spaces. It is, of course, suitable for all styles of decoration and is therefore particularly popular. To accentuate its sleek appearance, opt for fronts without handles.

If you want to avoid the original shades but having a room of character remains essential for you, choose the black kitchen. Accompanied by a wooden worktop, it has an incomparable cachet.

Finally, for a touch of chic, while remaining in a timeless and timeless solution, adopt gray furniture. Halfway between white and black, the color of your kitchen will benefit from the strengths of both shades.

However, this rule is also made not to be respected. This is also why at home, I adopted a Klein blue kitchen!

Choose a bold color for your kitchen

For a room with character, opt for a trendy shade like terracotta. Nevertheless, take a step back on the selected color because trends change quickly. Have you been enjoying this kitchen color for a long time or are you interested in it from time to time because it is in all the interior design magazines? You don’t choose the color of your kitchen like the tablecloth in the dining room! The crush requires a real step back.

But don’t be afraid if you like the project. A colorful kitchen always makes a strong impression. Moreover, in the case of a room open to the living room, it becomes a strong element of interior decoration. Make sure you have plenty of storage so that clutter doesn’t take over the unique atmosphere of your living room.

The most common bold color for a kitchen is blue, which you can opt for in all its shades. Vitamin shades are nowadays timider while green and terracotta are making a remarkable entrance.

Adopt the decorative trend of the two-tone kitchen

Surprising and so distinguished, the idea of ​​mismatching the fronts of these high and low pieces of furniture is gaining ground. I am thinking about it very seriously for my next renovation project.

The first option, the most classic, is to choose two shades of the same shade. So you can have a water green and verdigris or even olive kitchen. It is advisable to reserve the darkest color for low furniture. Your piece will then gain a lot in character and personality. You ensure a unique rendering.

The second possibility is to marry natural wood facade and color. The result is refined and warm.

Finally, you can play on the contrasts with a white and black kitchen or with complementary colors. Remember to favor sobriety for the other elements: appliances, wall credenza, and handles.

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