How to Plan our Kitchen Worktop 2022

At the start of the year, you have a priority to redo your custom kitchen.

Because we are always looking for the best companies to entrust their work to, discover TandJ Stone.

Specialist worktops Granite Countertops, Quartz, Marble, Ceramic, stainless steel and Corian, WORKING T and J Countertops offers a wide range of samples in these materials declined in several colors and finishes.

You want to give your kitchen a noble and contemporary style, natural stone will play a big influence on the overall aesthetic.

T and J Stone, warmly invites you in its showrooms in New Jersey, to come and discover its worktops set in the atmosphere in high-end kitchens in synergy with the KITCHENFAB brand.



Eternal black is the result of a sensitive design inspiring the asymmetry and elegance of natural stone. Their clean lines and sober design have inspired dark but warm, elegant and bright spaces.


An elegant and subtle reinterpretation of the seductive Calacatta. Its uniform ashy veins run through a neutral background for a translucent effect and a remarkable result. Resembling real stone, the Classic Calacatta color is a sublime evocation of nature.


Eternal Emperor is distinguished by its cream-colored streaks and luminous touches that punctuate an organic base with the brown hue of the earth. A marriage of tradition and reinvented elegance with a touch of luxury.


A delicate cream color, with a two-tone base traversed by subtle white veins offering a marbled effect.


Bergen perfectly imitates natural Portobello stone. Its complex and sculptural structure is enhanced by its glossy finish.


Reproducing the quintessential style of marble with a soft gray veining, accentuating the classic white surface, this color showcases a polished lustrous finish. Along with all the benefits that Dekton’s technical features provide, the reflective nature of this striking color is due to the nano-technological treatment and mechanical polishing process undergone, resulting in a crystal shine.

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