What are the new kitchen materials?

Quartz, Granite Countertops, Corian, ceramic, Dekton, mirror… Many materials have made their way into the kitchen this year. In credenza, on the worktop or front of doors, all bring different finishes for trendy results. 

The kitchen is undoubtedly the favorite room of the New Jersey. If we like to prepare good dishes there, eat there and share pleasant moments, we appreciate all the more to arrange and decorate it. This is where various matters come into play. Wood, marble, Granite Countertops or stainless steel remain essential, available in all styles. What about the new materials that sublimate our kitchen? T&J contertops provides an overview of these elements. 

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To define an atmosphere, kitchen materials reign supreme. Everything goes through them. Want a chic country style? Bet on aged wood. Would you rather have a modern kitchen  ? Mirror, stainless steel, lacquer or even glass are made for you. If all the materials can be used from floor to ceiling, a place in the kitchen will highlight them. Zoom.  

The work plan

Solid, resistant, easily washable but also pretty… Difficult to know! How to plan our kitchen? The best is that it meets the most criteria. It is therefore recommended to favor heavy elements such as wood, marble, granite, concrete, stone and of course stainless steel, the number one material in chef’s kitchens. We will avoid those that are damaged at the first small impact. 

The credenza

All the charm of this living room is in the material of the kitchen splash back. Why? If all of them allow you to protect your wall from splashes of all types, they bring a touch of uniqueness to a classic decoration. The idea is to have an original kitchen splash back that will make the difference: terrazzo for the vintage effect, quartz for its wide range of colors, Corian for a tailor-made result…

Furniture and facades

Here, no surprises. It is easy to opt for wood. Its multitude of species and therefore of shades makes it possible to play on all styles. A blond wood will illuminate the room making a natural decoration while a dark wood will make it more refined. Lacquered finishes with their shiny appearance are also commonplace in a designer kitchen. You can also install a mirrored closet door: guaranteed effect!

The floor covering

Coating mainly appreciated for its ease of maintenance, kitchen tiling has been regaining its former glory for some time now. The models of different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and renderings (matt, glossy) open up the field of possibilities in terms of decoration. The must-have is all the same to combine two materials for the floor of the kitchen  : tiles and wood, polished concrete and wood, vinyl floor and tiles. This makes it possible to meet the needs of the spaces in the room, in addition to defining them. The one around the worktop should be easier to clean, for example.


a women in stone kitchen

Extremely resistant and offering multiple color variations, natural stone represents two assets in the kitchen. This is why the Boclaud Architecture agency chose it for the dining table. Its massive appearance at the same time sits the dining area in the room.



Terrazzo is a particularly vintage material that was very popular in the 1970s. For several years now, it has been making a comeback to revive kitchens. In this white room, the architect Aurélien Duny installed terrazzo in the credenza and on the worktop. The touches of color bring elegance and dynamism.


CERAMICS kitchen

This is a kitchen material that has nothing more to prove. Matte finish, modern aesthetics, easy maintenance, resistance, ceramic combines all the best advantages. Its range of colors also makes it easy to adopt regardless of the style of your kitchen. With this black ceramic, interior designer Guillaume Dunan plays with the contrast of lighter materials.


THE FENIX kicthen

The mat trend in the kitchen has forced research to innovate. For good reason, this finish is restrictive since it deteriorates quickly, every trace is visible, etc. The revolutionary material? The Fenix ​​with a very soft touch but still robust against daily stains. It adorns the door fronts of this kitchen redesigned by interior designer Miriam Gassmann.


MIRRORS kitchen

Generally seen in the bathroom, the mirror is now entering the kitchen. The interior designers of Kast Desing chose it because it brings depth and visually enlarges the space of a small kitchen. A reflective material, the mirror also brings more light into the room.


CORIAN kicthen

Corian is a synthetic material designed by the American company DuPont. In addition to its resistance comparable to that of stone, it is appreciated for its malleability in sizes and shapes. The architects of Lagom architectes have combined wood and the Koran for a natural style. The material has also received the “GREEN GUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified”, a label ensuring the reduction of indoor air pollution.



Quartz has established itself in our kitchens due to its good resistance and ease of maintenance. Its choice of color makes it an ideal element for design enthusiasts. In this kitchen, the Interior Design Studio Michelle Silvestre Interiors has chosen a model with a slightly aged affect which, combined with wood, and creates a vintage atmosphere.

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