What better Kitchen Countertop in New Jersey to Choose? The comparison of all materials

There are many work plans different, with totally different materials. Whether you are a professional or an individual, it is important that the Kitchen worktop is resistant to heat and humidity and that it also matches your style. How to choose the best Kitchen countertops in new jersey? Here is an overview of the materials and their prices for you to see a little more clearly.

  • The essential: the laminate worktop

The work plan in laminateis the most used in cooking. Its good resistance to shocks, scratches and good value for money explains its popularity. Laminate has the advantage of being resistant to heat, grease and moisture and being renowned for its ease of maintenance, which represents the most economical worktop for his kitchen. Laminate is therefore the cheapest material and wins the Oscar for best value for money since a laminate countertop has a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

  • The wooden worktop

The wooden worktop. This timeless material is more and more seen in kitchens as it creates a warm atmosphere. There are many combinations to create your perfect kitchen, to adopt a contemporary industrial style with wood and black, or white and wood. There are various materials for wooden worktops that explain the price variations. It is often said that wood is not wood. Every wood is different and this is what makes the kitchen unique. Beech, bamboo, teak, oak. The species is very numerous and the prices vary. The price is calculated at the cost per linear meter, which is why only an estimate can determine the real value.

  • The stainless steel worktop

Stainless steel worktops have been recognized as a work plan for catering professionals for many years. Today it is gaining more and more space in private kitchens. The advantages of stainless steel, despite its rather cool appearance, are easily integrated with all decor and all kitchen styles. In fact, you can mix it with glass, stone or even wood. The whole point is that the cool look of stainless steel should be contrasted with furniture, splashback or room warmer paint.

  • The Trend: granite worktop

Granite Countertops is a magmatic rock of deep origin. Often confused with marble, this natural stone is increasingly used in kitchens for a very designer and sophisticated look! The granite worktop is available in a wide variety of colors, from red to black, gray, white, yellow and many other shades that is why it adapts to everything kitchen styles and for all tastes.

It is a very beautiful material that is durable over time and easy to maintain. It is resistant to high temperatures (+ 300 °), scratches, impacts and stains of all kinds that can be encountered in a kitchen. In addition, it is also resistant to detergents. This style of material is ideal for a high-end kitchen or on a long-term purchase since it is quite expensive. As said before, it is very resistant so it does not require any protection. To take your dish out of the oven, you don’t need a trivet, it’s practical!

  • The quartz worktop

Quartz Countertops is a reconstituted stone that appeared in the 90s. It contains 90% natural quartz and is mixed with resin tinted with a dye. Symbol of the high-end kitchen, the quartz worktop has a fairly good resistance to stains, scratches, shocks and is very easy to maintain. What is why it is so popular is that it adapts to any style of kitchen, with many colors and several choices of possible finishes (smooth, rough, gloss, or satin). Quartz can perfectly match with other kitchen materials such as wood, stainless steel or metal. However, the quartz worktop has some drawbacks.

One of the disadvantages of quartz is that it is quite fragile. Indeed, it is very sensitive to heat (180 °), it is therefore necessary to always put a trivet so as not to damage the work surface. 

T and J Countertops is always help you to find best kitchen worktops with reasonable price. You can also visit our store located in New Jersey.

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